Grout Restoration

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About Grout Restoration

Do you have ceramic tile in your home that is in good shape but needs a new look.
we can take your existing ceramic and make it look like a new floor. If your grout is in good shape but has stains or is just an off color we can, for a minimal price, stain your grout a new color. If your grout is not in well enough shape to just stain we can also remove existing grout and regrout with new grout or extra strong epoxy grout for less than removing your existing tile. You can have a new floor for a lot less than you have thought.

Tile Flooring Advantages

There are so many advantages to tile, no matter which kind you choose:

  • Excellent for allergy sufferers – no mold, dander or smoke can penetrate it
  • Low maintenance – no buffing or waxing, just a simple cleaning will make it like new
  • Resistant to stains, water seepage and scratches/damage – perfect for high traffic areas
  • Extremely durable
  • Keeps its form in extreme temperatures
  • Less costly than stone

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