Cork Flooring

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About Cork Flooring

When laying down new floor, more and more home owners are turning to cork flooring as an alternative to tiles and hardwoods. And it’s no wonder considering the incredible benefits of cork flooring. Besides being softer and more comfortable than ordinary harder floors, cork floors are a natural sound reducer and a terrific insulator that will reduce heat loss from your home.

Cork is also a sustainable resource. Harvested only from the bark of the cork oak, the tree is unharmed as the bark regenerates. So it’s better for the environment as well.

Our Cork Flooring Service

At Precision Flooring Installation & Inspections, we’re no strangers to the wonders a cork floor can do for a home’s look and feel. We believe in sharing the joys of cork, that’s why we offer a broad range of cork floors and complete installation services.

Whether it’s for your kitchen, new playroom or basement, Precision Flooring Installation & Inspections has the cork floor to suit your needs and your unique tastes.

Our full installation is quick and efficient and we offer free estimates on any job. When you receive a quote from Precision Flooring Installation & Inspections, you can always rest assured that will be the only price you’ll pay and we’ll never tack on any hidden fees or extras.

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